Las Vegas Diocesan Conference  Sept 7-8, 2018

Las Vegas Diocesan Conference
September 7-8, 2018
South Point Hotel & Casino



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Dr. Robert Wicks

Dr. Robert Wicks

For over 35 years, Dr. Robert Wicks, has been called to speak calm into chaos for individuals and groups experiencing great stress, anxiety and confusion.  Dr. Wicks, is Professor Emeritus at Loyola University Maryland.

Dr. Wicks has published over 50 books for both professionals and the general public.  He has published a number of works on spirituality and psychology including Prayer in the Catholic Tradition and the Handbook of Spirituality for Ministers.  Two of his latest psychological works are: Night Call: Embracing Compassion and Hope in a Troubled World and Bounce: Leading a Resilient Life.  His books have been translated into Chinese, Polish, Indonesian, Korean, and Spanish.

He is the recipient of the Humanitarian of the Year Award from the American Counseling Association’s Division on Spirituality, Ethics and Religious Values in Counseling and for his service to the Church he received the Papal Medal Pro Ecclesia et Pontificefrom Pope (now Saint) John Paul II.

Friday Keynote Presenter:

The Simple Care of a Hopeful Heart

One of the greatest gifts we can share with others is a sense of our own peace. However, we can’t share what we don’t have. By discussing psychological and spiritual approaches to maintaining perspective and inner strength in challenging times, Dr. Wicks, an expert on the prevention of secondary stress (the pressures experienced in reaching out to others) and author of Night Call: Embracing Compassion and Hope in a Troubled World, Riding the Dragon, and Prayerfulness, offers insights into how we can extend our warmth to others without losing our own inner fire in the process. Topics will include: maintaining a healthy sense of perspective; avoiding dangers that lead to unnecessary stress; developing your own self-care program; knowing the 4 “voices” we need in our circle of friends to have balance and courage in life; improving self-awareness; facing inner darkness; and strengthening and deepening your own rule of prayer. Practical, illustrative, lively, this rich presentation will provide essential information on resilience, compassion, prayer, spirituality, and personal/professional wellbeing.

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Most Reverend George Leo Thomas, Ph.D.

Most Reverend George Leo Thomas, Ph.D.

Most Reverend George Leo Thomas, Ph.D.
Bishop, Diocese of Las Vegas

On February 28, 2018, Pope Francis named Bishop Thomas as Bishop of Las Vegas, Nevada. At the same time, Pope Francis accepted the resignation of Bishop Joseph A. Pepe, who has reached the age of mandatory retirement. Bishop Pepe has served as Bishop of Las Vegas for nearly 17 years. The announcement was made by Archbishop Christophe Pierre, Apostolic Nuncio to the United States.

Bishop Thomas was installed as Bishop of  Las Vegas on May 15, 2018.

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Fr. Steven Bell, C.S.P.

Sponsored by RCL Benziger

Fr. Steven Bell, C.S.P

Paulist Fr. Steven Bell serves on the Paulist mission band,leading parish missions, retreats, revivals and workshops. 

He previously served as a Catholic campus minister at St. Thomas More Newman Center at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. Fr. Steve also previously served as associate pastor of St. Austin Church in Austin, TX, and as associate director of our media ministry Busted Halo. 

A native of Washington, D.C., Fr. Steve was ordained a priest on June 22, 2008, by then-Archbishop Edwin O'Brien of the Archdiocese of Baltimore.

Saturday General Session in English:

101. Victorious Faith: The Substance of Things Hoped For (Hebrews 11:1).

As we all know, Faith is a free gift from God. Through this gift, we are connected to God individually and communally for strength, solace, and courage through the various divine fruits that are a part of the 'Faith Gift Set’ that has been given to us. While this gift of faith is first and foremost a spiritual gift, it contains mighty power that manifests in ways that enable us to bring forth the changes that renew the face of the earth. How might we more ably recognize the fruits of this ‘Faith Gift Set’ such as hospitality, joy, healing, etc. What can these fruits actually do when put to courageous use? How might we capitalize more on our 'Faith Gift Set’ to be the change that we wish to see in the world?

In this session, we will take a look at some of the fruits in this Faith Gift Set that we already have to our avail. We will see how these grace-filled gifts can be employed prayerfully and intentionally to form a Victorious Faith that can make us: 1) Game Changers against divisiveness, hostility, and hate; 2) Advocates of real reconciliation, merciful justice, and prophetic kinship; and 3) Shrewd Disciples more capable to ward off the effects of fear, despondency, and anger. This is taking our faith to the next world-changing level.

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Dulce Jiménez Abreu

Sponsored by William H. Sadlier, Inc. 

Dulce Jiménez Abreu

Dulce M. Jiménez Abreu es la directora de mercadeo bilingüe de Sadlier, profesora y traductora con más de 25 años de experiencia en el campo de la catequesis bilingüe. Dulce jugó un papel fundamental en el desarrollo de los programas bilingües y en español de Sadlier, también ha presentado numerosos talleres sobre la integración de la cultura latina en la catequesis y formas prácticas para enseñar a niños bilingües. Tiene una maestría en ciencia sociales de la Universidad Estatal de Michigan, una maestría en literatura española de Lehman College y una maestría en educación religiosa de la Universidad de Fordham.

Sábado de Presentación en Español:  

201. Formando discípulos para el mundo de hoy

Muchas veces nos preguntamos, ¿por qué nuestros jóvenes están abandonando la Iglesia jóvenes? ¿Qué podemos hacer para retenerlos? Lo primero que tenemos que hacer es analizar ¿qué y cómo estamos enseñando nuestra fe. Las tareas de la catequesis nos guían para acompañar al catequizando en su camino de fe, y ser testigo de su transformación para vivir el verdadero significado de ser discípulos misioneros en medio en que se desenvuelve.

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