Las Vegas Diocesan Conference  Sept 7-8, 2018

Las Vegas Diocesan Conference
September 7-8, 2018
South Point Hotel & Casino

Friday 2:30 - 4:30 pm

Sherry Hayes-Peirce
Lessons in Teaching Digital Natives From the Social Media Mobile Maven

The session will help teachers understand how students of this generation are reliant on technology for communication and social interaction; impacting how they learn as well as how you teach. Teachers will be equipped with the tips, tools and techniques for handling the following: Digital Citizenship, Cyberbullying, Social Media apps that are currently trending, Is it okay to engage with students on social media?

Friday 7:30 - 8:45 pm

Robert Wicks
The Simple Care of a Hopeful Heart

One of the greatest gifts we can share with others is a sense of our own peace. However, we can’t share what we don’t have. By discussing psychological and spiritual approaches to maintaining perspective and inner strength in challenging times, Dr. Wicks, an expert on the prevention of secondary stress (the pressures experienced in reaching out to others) and author of Night Call: Embracing Compassion and Hope in a Troubled World, Riding the Dragon, and Prayerfulness, offers insights into how we can extend our warmth to others without losing our own inner fire in the process. Topics will include: maintaining a healthy sense of perspective; avoiding dangers that lead to unnecessary stress; developing your own self-care program; knowing the 4 “voices” we need in our circle of friends to have balance and courage in life; improving self-awareness; facing inner darkness; and strengthening and deepening your own rule of prayer. Practical, illustrative, lively, this rich presentation will provide essential information on resilience, compassion, prayer, spirituality, and personal/professional wellbeing.

Saturday 11:00 am - 12:15 pm
Workshop Session 1


Fr. Steven Bell, C.S.P.
101. Victorious Faith: The Substance of Things Hoped For (Hebrews 11:1).

As we all know, Faith is a free gift from God. Through this gift, we are connected to God individually and communally for strength, solace, and courage through the various divine fruits that are a part of the 'Faith Gift Set’ that has been given to us. While this gift of faith is first and foremost a spiritual gift, it contains mighty power that manifests in ways that enable us to bring forth the changes that renew the face of the earth. How might we more ably recognize the fruits of this ‘Faith Gift Set’ such as hospitality, joy, healing, etc. What can these fruits actually do when put to courageous use? How might we capitalize more on our 'Faith Gift Set’ to be the change that we wish to see in the world?

In this session, we will take a look at some of the fruits in this Faith Gift Set that we already have to our avail. We will see how these grace-filled gifts can be employed prayerfully and intentionally to form a Victorious Faith that can make us: 1) Game Changers against divisiveness, hostility, and hate; 2) Advocates of real reconciliation, merciful justice, and prophetic kinship; and 3) Shrewd Disciples more capable to ward off the effects of fear, despondency, and anger. This is taking our faith to the next world-changing level.

Jaime Cortez
La Esperanza En El Canto De Alabanza Del Pueblo.

Nuestra humanidad tiene triunfos y sufrimientos; pero Cristo, que ha conquistado a la muerte, nos guía y nos da la esperanza más fuerte.              

 En este taller veremos ejemplos de como escoger cantos apropiados en la Misa para compartir la esperanza de una nueva vida en Cristo y en el amor que Dios nos tiene a todos.  También se verán cantos apropiados para todo el año litúrgico.

Juan Carlos Moreno
103. Preparación Sacramental Evangelizante

En esta sesión hablaremos de la necesidad de orientar nuestros procesos de preparación sacramental hacia la evangelización tanto de candidatos como de los padres de familia. Usando el Rito de Iniciación Cristiana para Adultos destilaremos algunos principios que nos llevarán a realizar una formación evangelizante.  


Roberto A. Rojas
Llevando Esperanza a un mundo necesitado

Que Se AnunciaráTe invitamos a este taller para explorar modos concretos de continuar la misión de Cristo como discípulos misioneros que comunican la buena nueva y trabajan por ser luz del mundo y sal de la tierra. Además, en esta sesión aprenderás sobre la labor de Catholic Relief Services (CRS); lo que hace en tu nombre alrededor del mundo y como puedes involucrarte en llevar esperanza a un mundo necesitado.  


Lupita Vital
105.   Adultos: Centro de la Misión de la Iglesia

La formación continua de los adultos, es base para que ellos den una respuesta libre de su  fe a la iniciativa de Dios. Al dar esa respuesta podrán ser levadura activa en el entorno de su vida. Asiste a este taller donde exploraremos tres metas para el proceso de formación del adulto y analizaremos las tareas claves a realizar en la comunidad, elaborando un método activo para interesarlos y animarlos en su proceso de fe. La esperanza… ser discípulos misioneros en acción. “Basado en el Directorio Nacional para la Catequesis” Y “Lucas 13:20)”.  ¡Te espero no faltes te espero!

Saturday 1:30 - 2:45 pm
Workshop Session 2

DulceJimenez Abreu
201. Formando discípulos para el mundo de hoy.

Muchas veces nos preguntamos, ¿por qué nuestros jóvenes están abandonando la Iglesia jóvenes? ¿Qué podemos hacer para retenerlos? Lo primero que tenemos que hacer es analizar ¿qué y cómo estamos enseñando nuestra fe. Las tareas de la catequesis nos guían para acompañar al catequizando en su camino de fe, y ser testigo de su transformación para vivir el verdadero significado de ser discípulos misioneros en medio en que se desenvuelve.

Fr. Steven Bell, C.S.P.
202.   Victorious Faith: A Follow-Up Discussion

With so much information presented at the keynote, many of us may need to continue processing by asking specific questions, gaining insights, getting ideas and best practices, or sharing strategies. At this breakout session, we present primer questions and scenarios that will open the floor for a robust discussion about the challenges and opportunities of practicing and living our faith victoriously. Bring your questions, your experiences, and your witness to share with others.

Steve Botsford
203. 3, 2, 1, Liftoff! Transform Elementary Religious Education in Your Parish

Come and learn how my parish responded and reversed the trend to the national decline in religious education enrollment. Areas addressed include an overall immersive environment, 21st Century classrooms, and a dynamic and engaging methodology. Attendees will leave with an understanding of how their parish can work together to develop their own unique plan.

Amy Florian
204. Living in Hope and Joy when Life Hurts

We were never promised an easy, stress-free life. In fact, we were promised quite the opposite. Yet it is always a shock when tragedies, diagnoses, difficulties, and yes, even shootings, occur. We struggle with how to respond in light of faith, when the faith we thought we could count on doesn’t make sense. As followers of Jesus Christ, how do we live with hope and joy in the midst of grappling with all these trials of our lives? Let’s explore the question and perhaps gain a little inspiration, sustenance, and hope.

David Hall
205. Devoted+

A session for Young Adults seeking to deepen their spiritual life.  The root of spirituality is to encounter God and embody that encounter. Through the use of Sacred Scripture and Tradition this session will seek to offer tools for development in the spiritual life and tools to overcome obstacles to it.  

Sherry Hayes-Peirce
206. 10 Commandments of Catholic Social Media

Using the 10 Commandments I will outline the Do's and Don'ts of Social Media Posting. Examples of violations will be shared.

Bob McCarty
207. Going, Going, Gone … the Dynamics of Disaffiliation in Young Catholics

Saint Mary’s Press recently conducted extensive research with young Catholics who have left the Church. This session will identify the underlying dynamics that lead to disaffiliation, describe the factors that reinforce those dynamics, and examine the implications for parish life, liturgy, and pastoral ministry. We will hear about these issues from young adults, taping their own voices. And we will also propose pastoral strategies that enhance affiliation and engagement with the faith community.

Dr. Jo Ann Paradise
208. Integrated Family Catechesis Is More Than One Gathering

The question is no longer, “Should we do family catechesis?”  The question is now, “What are the necessary elements of effective family catechesis?”   We will explore the concept of integrated family catechesis that is systematic and intentional as it awakens, evangelizes and catechizes parents leading them to a life of discipleship. All the while recognizing we must equip, support, affirm and challenge parents to see parenting as a vocation.  Jo Ann will inspire you to meet families where they are and awaken in them the “holy longing” to live in relationship with God and his people.

Saturday 3:00 - 4:15 pm
Workshop Session 3


Steve Botsford
301. Digital Discipleship

Who and what is a digital disciple? This session explores the use of digital technologies for ministry through the new Technology Competency Standards for Digital Discipleship. Come and learn about the set of standards developed to guide the ministry community in the integration of technology in faith settings. This session is for anyone involved with ministry: technologist, director, coordinator, or catechist.

Amy Florian
302. A Friend Indeed: Help Someone When They Grieve

A friend in need is a friend indeed. And we need each other most of all when life doles out inevitable grief and loss. Yet because we are never taught what to say (and what not to say), we perpetuate the mistakes and platitudes that too often fail to comfort. Learn about grief itself—what the experience is like and what is normal. Learn practical strategies and words that are truly comforting. Look at the impact of faith when a person is grieving. Discover how to help your parishioners, friends, and family become whole and heal back to life, so they can live it vibrantly and find joy.

Bob McCarty
303. Balancing Marriage and Ministry: The Great Dance!

Balancing the tasks of family and ministry can be rewarding, fulfilling, and life-giving – as well as stressful, demanding, and frustrating. This workshop will consider the stressors, pitfalls, and challenges inherent in balancing ministry and family life, identify coping strategies for when one or both spouses engage in ministry, and remember the profound blessings when ministry and family mesh.

Deacon Tim O'Callaghan
God is always calling: Looking for God in all the right places

An exploration of how God is actively calling us and how we often mistake the call for something else.  Deacon Tim weaves his personal life experiences with a few prophets and saints to discover God in all the right places.


Dr. Jo Ann Paradise
305. Our Hope Is in the Name of the Lord!!

Pope Francis asks, “How often in our life do hopes vanish, how often do the expectations we have in our heart come to nothing!”  Yet, the great hope that Christians possess comes from encountering God.  It is Pope Benedict who reminds us that the definitive Love made visible in Jesus can transform the world from within.  This session will explore how we remain hopeful in the face of the sometimes overwhelming darkness in our world or in the face of suffering and pain in our own families. 

Dulce Jimenez Abreu
306. Catequesis en el hogar: indispensable en el desarrollo de la fe de los niños

La familia esta llamada a ser “la iglesia domestica”, donde el papel de los padres es ser la imagen de Dios. La catequesis en el hogar ayuda a los padres a reconocer su papel de educadores en la fe de sus hijos y a toda la familia a crecer como auténticos cristianos. Conversaremos sobre los retos que enfrentamos al tratar de incorporar a las familias en los programas de educación religiosa y compartiremos ideas para ayudarlas a fomentar la catequesis en casa.

Juan Carlos Moreno
307. Compartiendo la Buena Nueva en la Era Digital

En esta sesión compartiremos la visión de la Iglesia concerniente al uso de los medios de comunicación, así como también recursos y herramientas que catequistas y líderes pueden empezar a usar inmediatamente para promover efectivamente sus programas y ser mejores evangelizadores.

Roberto A. Rojas
El futuro de la pastoral hispana en los Estados Unidos

El proceso del V Encuentro Nacional de Pastoral Hispana sigue dando frutos asombrosos a todos los niveles (parroquias, diócesis, regiones episcopales y nación). ¿Cuáles serán los próximos pasos de la pastoral hispana en Estados Unidos? ¿Qué haremos con los líderes emergentes del proceso? ¿Cuáles son las prioridades para los agentes pastorales hispanos y no-hispanos? En este taller exploraremos las respuestas a estos y otros interrogantes. 

Lupita Vital
  Adultos Llamados a la Santidad en la Sociedad Actual

El Papa Francisco en la Exhortación Apostólica Gaudete et Exsultate nos recuerda el llamado a la Santidad que viene desde el Génesis hasta nuestros días. Pero, ¿Qué significa esto en un mundo absorto en el materialismo, consumismo y tecnología? Analizaremos, con esperanza, lo que el Papa Francisco nos recomienda e impulsa a vivir. ¡Ser Santos! En el ambiente en que nos encontremos. ¿Lo crees possible? Veremos los puntos más importantes de está hermosa Exhortación. (Efesios 1:4).



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