Las Vegas Diocesan Conference  Sept 6-7, 2019

Las Vegas Diocesan Conference
September 7-8, 2018
South Point Hotel & Casino


As the Roman Catholic Church of Las Vegas  we come together to celebrate  all who worship in our Catholic community.  Our elder remind of us where we come from by sharing their wisdom and experience,  while our youth serve as the foundation for a future that we strive to make better. 

We celebrate the various traditions of our local Church, recognizing that we each bring unique gifts given by the Holy Spirit. While our world is quickly changing,  our mission remains the same: to reach out to all with the Gospel of Jesus Christ  the young and old, the believers and the seekers,  the rich and the poor,  the cradle Catholic and the convert, because we know that united in Christ, we are all one. This is our mission, this is our Baptismal call, this is what we believe.





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